About Deep Green Wireless

Deep Green Wireless LLC was established by General Patent Corporation to develop the technology covered by U.S. Patent RE42,714, a re-issue of U.S. Patent No. 6,778,662. The patent describes a computer telephony device with a telephone line distribution system.

The invention enables operation of computer telephony and connected peripheral equipment – modems, telephones, fax machines, answering machines and other devices that need access to a telephone line – at the same time. The user sets the priority of each device for access to the telephone line, and the systems supports both analog and digital environments.

As a technology licensing company, Deep Green Wireless was established to find applications for this technology, expand the use of the patented invention, identify and develop licensees for the technology, and license and otherwise commercialize the technology. Among the applications that have already been identified are homes and small offices that have multiple devices attached to multiple phone lines. The invention reduces the number of phone lines as well as the wiring needed to interconnect multiple telephonic devices. Manufacturers of femtocell networks and equipment, as well as manufacturers of smart phones that use land lines, are ideal candidates for this patented technology.

Deep Green Wireless LLC is a subsidiary of General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading patent monetization firm. GPC is the managing member of Deep Green Wireless and is the exclusive licensing agent for the company’s patent.